Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I wish I could show pictures instead.
  • Last Saturday: Banuk, Agnes, Cee, and I watched UP Rep's Hello Philippines. I wanted to watch nothing but funny on stage and well, I certainly got what I wanted. In the middle of the play, I thought of writing down all my favorite lines but I knew I'd end up writing everything. "Sinong bakla dito ha? Sino bakla?... chuchupain ko!" "Bago na ang social hierarchy ngayon noh: bakla, lalaki, babae, at...TOMBOY!" "Eh babae pa rin yung tomboy ah!" "Oh sya babaguhin ko: bakla, lalaki, babae, tomboy... H1N1 victims! (sabay dura)" "You are sooo cheap, you could be sold at the generics pharmacy!" Hahaahaha Winner talaga ang mga linya. The play was written by Abet Cruz.
  • Last Sunday: Prince and I watched "Up" and "The Time Traveler's Wife". We should have watched Up in 3D instead of watching The Time Traveler's Wife. The latter was a bore. Up was really good. You'll cry, you'll laugh and be all so cute in a good way. I am amazed by how Pixar does it all the time. Even their short films, which are usually shown before their main features, are always interesting and humorous. As I was watching Up, I couldn't help but think about my dad as Mr. Frederickson. Fortunately, I didn't think myself as Russell. Lol. My favorite part was the first scene with the young, perhaps 1940ish, Mr Frederickson watching the cinema with the cutest reactions ever. At the end of the day, we were debating whether a square-faced old man is cuter than a long-faced one. I think the square face balances the grumpy and lovable side of an old man. Haha What the? Favorite Russell line: "Sometimes it's the boring stuff I remember the most". True.
  • Last night: Watched Miss Universe clips on youtube. I miss the days when my mom and I used to wait and watch all night for every Miss Universe pageant. Those were the days when she kept telling me about the "x" factor, which at that time, meant having something fugly like a crooked teeth, extra large eyes, weird smile etc. Sayang at natalo si Miss Manalo.


wenwenwena said...

*sayang.i wanna watch a good play pud.gimingaw ko sa ka corny sa rep.

*Tana showing pa ning UP next week!

*kainis yung youtube interview nya.ako nahiya para sa kanya.


joy said...

naa lagi nag ingon nindot ang time travellers churva..i take your word ot kay akong idol writer ala jobarclix level baya ka..cge tan aw kog up aron makahilak pd kog tagok..keep on writing gurl!mgtapok daw this sat kay manganhi cla jing..tugsh tugsh!

Louie John said...

naa pay reruns ang hello phils?

Aika said...

nay luy sayang lagi wa tika na imbitar or actually ang "the gang". last week ang play dates fri, sat, and sun. sayang, ma enjoy jud tana to ninyo. next time jud promise.

twistedadventures said...

bitaw king, invite pud mi anang mga plays.haha

Louie John said...

tsktsk. sa sunod ha.