Monday, August 3, 2009


with coffee on a no-pressure day.

Before I do all my morning rituals, let me just go ahead and spill what's on my mind as of late.

I deleted all my previous blog entries because for the longest time I needed something new. I love blogging so much I want it to be at least reflective of what I really want and who I really am. Lately, I realized my old blog just wasn't hitting that brief. It was all blah. And I guess when you see, feel, and know that it has become such a big blah, it's time to start over. I'm not saying the new one's gonna be ground-breaking but at least I am pretty sure what it will be like. I just want it to be me (how original is that huh?). It's not going to be solely a fashion blog. I want to go back to the journal kind of writing where I could at least discuss my thoughts on other things I feel passionate about. So what are these things? In no particular order I love exploring film, pop culture, books, style, art, photography, and people. Now that I am no longer a student, save for a couple more things here and there, I've longed to chronicle my personal thoughts on all these things.

That being said, I woke up today as early as 5 in the morning with the sound of the semi-heavy rain outside my apartment. It's quite a gloomy Monday. Things I have set out to do for today is just the online work. Last night, I discovered that Top Chef is back. It's just one of my favorite shows and I was so happy to see it's back. Not only that, it's Top Chef Masters. The ones competing are some of the most prestigious chefs all over the US. Some of them were already guest judges from previous seasons. I find it odd how come I like cooking shows even though I'm not an adventurous eater (ask Prince) nor do I find cooking enjoyable. But who doesn't like watching sumptuous looking dishes on tv, right? I'm already on the fourth episode and who would have thought it features... tandadadan... Neil Patrick Harris. Kill me now.

Also last night, I thought about my poor laptop and my pending school requirements (I don't even want to type it no more). There are a lot of doubts and questions swirling in my head at night sometimes I force myself to not think about them anymore just so I could get some sleep. Good thing I'm quite successful on that and I'm getting "night" sleeps now for a change. It's just that with new things coming my way this month, will I have the time to complete it? It breaks my heart to just even think about it. I am no master in time management so I'm really afraid of the future. One thing that I remind myself always is to think, just think, that I CAN DO IT. There's no other way.

So there, this is one long post considering it's so early in the morning. And since my life is pretty simple nowadays, I'm off to a few chores before I finally start my day.

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joy said...

aba aba aba..naau na imo laptop?kung motherboard daw guba naa tag5k..magpaau pd kog laptop..i like the new blog layout in fairview..naa mi plans ni jing sa laguna ako bday ug adto EK..u in? ot!