Sunday, August 9, 2009


Ahhh...It feels like I'm traveling with these food blogs. I remember how much I liked reading our travel guide books back home. You know those books marked "Italy", "France", "Japan" and so on. Nothing makes me happier than to see photos of food, people, and scenery.

1. The Traveler's Lunchbox - I'm in love with this blog. The way Melissa Kronenthal writes about food, travel, photography and everything in between is just sensational and not to mention inspiring. I wish I could travel with her. Here's a link to the list of her travel destinations but it's just a rough guide since most of her posts are enough to satisfy our senses.

2. The Salty Cod - I have been a long time follower of this blog. There's just something refreshing about Mallory's food photography that reminds me of how French people manage to make most things look dainty and sumptuous (not that she's French or anything)..

3. 101 CookBooks - I love every travel post she makes. Feels like you have in front of you a personal travel magazine with journal like tips and lovely photos to boot. Here's a guide to her travel page.

4. David Lebovitz , Living the Sweet Life in Paris - Anything that says food and Paris I'm good!

Haha loser much? I'll update this as I go along. ^_^ (I've succumbed to this cutesy emoticon just cause that's exactly how my face looks like right now).

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DChatterbox said...

I drool over, and They all link to other food blogs and give me lots of cooking ideas.