Monday, August 10, 2009


Fashion photographer Tim Walker doesn’t seem to belong to the world of you or me. He’s a Peter Pan, a daydreamer, a fantasist. His pictures are mirages, telling stories conjured directly from an imagination that most of us left behind in childhood. Looking at Tim’s photographs is like following the white rabbit into a world where elephants are painted blue, horses are dusted lilac, paintings come to life and pretty girls with Thirties faces are transformed into marionettes or abandoned princesses.
British Vogue May 2008
Tim Walker is a London based fashion photographer. This editorial was taken from a 1998 issue of Allure Magazine. Why am I attracted to it? It captures the nineties vibe editorials to a tee. I've always been a fan of the color red especially when used as a punch of color amidst other subjects. I love how Tim Walker uses "props" e.g. bus, telephone booth, books, umbrella, trash bin and cars in such a way that they blend artistically and shows a cohesive set of photos. He is known to create photographs that not only tells a story but piques the profound and curious imaginations of its audience. Lurv.
P.S.> from now on I will only feature editorials (and photographers) that truly caught my attention and those that I can't get my eyes off.

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wow. conservative chic. love the 2nd photo.