Saturday, August 8, 2009


I've thought of creating one before but I never got around to starting my own "things-to-do-in-my-lifetime-list". So here goes.
  1. Go to Paris.
  2. Have my own walk in closet.
  3. Own a DSLR and do photography for fun.
  4. Work in a magazine.
  5. Go to Bora.
  6. Eat Japanese cuisine in a real Japanese restaurant.
  7. Eat French cuisine in a real French restaurant.
  8. Eat Italian cuisine in a real Italian restaurant.
  9. Read at least 50 of the books in this booklist I found.
  10. Watch old French films.
  11. Own a Macintosh.
  12. Travel with my dad.
  13. Own at least 50 pairs of shoes.
  14. Sport a really funky hairstyle.
  15. Watch a random play in CCP.
  16. Treat myself to a health spa.
  17. Learn to cook at least one dish.
  18. Visit New York.
  19. Go to Baguio.
  20. Learn at least one foreign language.
  21. Give my sisters' gifts that they'll love.
  22. Sleep on my own wooden bed with white sheets and white pillows.
  23. Give my mom an expensive gift.
  24. Write an original short story.
  25. Finish reading the books on my shelf.
  26. Vacation in Sagada.
  27. Buy a designer piece of clothing.
  28. Collect autobiographies.
This list will be updated from time to time. I'll add some more and hopefully cross them out one by one. I know some of them are outrageous and way too ambitious but then again we're talking about a lifetime here, you know. Some are kind of "really? you have never been to Baguio?". And that is exactly why I made this list. ^_^



Jing Ayuban said...

haha.go king!photography!my love.see you sa bday ni joy j.

toxic disco boy said...

bonga! gagawa rin ako nito!

Louie John said...

i can give you Angela's Ashes for an Irish autobio. But it's second hand, and paperback. Otherwise, it is very good.