Monday, March 29, 2010


One of my life's simple pleasures is finding a special song from a good movie. It goes something like this:

"i was slicing up an avocado, when you came up behind me
with your quiet brand new sneakers, your reflection i did not see
it was the hottest day in august, and we were heading for the sea
for a second my mind started drifting, you put your arms around me."

jens lekman's your arms around me, carla bruni's quelqu'un m'a dit, julie delpy's waltz for a night, and chantal kreviazuk's feels like home to name a few.

it struck me how making love underwater is a struggle and a teeny bit stupid. but the way drew barrymore filmed it on Whip It is a suspension of disbelief at its finest. there is always something magical about ellen page. she reminds me of natalie portman by virtue of talent and wit and size. Whip It was the answer to my love of little-miss-sunshine-ish kind of movies.

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