Tuesday, November 10, 2009


  • i just watched the latest episode of how i met your mother. i'm sad that robin and barney broke up. really sad. (paka-arte pweh)
  • this morning, out of nowhere, i missed the face of gemma ward. i ended up watching too many videos of her. and did i mention too many pictures?
  • i just had a phone conversation with papa. i'm worried about him having nightmares. i'm used to having nightmares all the time. i'm so used to it that i'm not fazed by it anymore. i told him he just needs to wash his face after the first instance. that should do the trick. but i'm seriously worried.
  • work life has been so so sooo zzzzzzzzz... i have mixed feelings at work. my job is seriously too "chill" to be true. we were given almost two weeks paid off for christmas (a first time in my entire work history) and just today, it was announced we could all take our leaves for the remaining days before the official holiday week. seriously? how creepy is that? maybe i'm just used to things not going my way. not complaining lord.
  • laptop is off the christmas list. i'm preoccupied as to how i would celebrate christmas with just me and my father. i need some kind of wonderful before december 22. and i need to download the brothers four concert.
  • where have all my money gone?
  • i hate mood swings. especially on me.

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