Thursday, October 22, 2009


i told myself to post one post a day. just one post a day. it's so frustrating when the only reason I open my blog is to check my blog links. i might as well name it my favorites. so much has happened and yet i've got so little urgency to write and update this thing. i had my birthday, watched the september issue, bought coffee table books, watched julia & julie, thought deep about being soooo damn competitive in everything i do, bought the sartorialist book, slacked off at work, drank three days straight and right now, enjoying regular employee life. boring. my friends and i had a drink a few weeks ago and we realized we had nothing exciting to share or to talk about. it's just amazing how boring we have become. i couldn't possibly be "all said and done mode" at age 23. but then i guess we were just really a bunch of people who always (always) wanted something more. who doesn't right?

b: raspberry swirl

w: hala nostalgic!

me: ui bench? very high school.

b: naman. gusto ko yung amuy nito parang mapapangiti ka lang.

me: meron din akong kalevel nyan na gusto nung high school, yung parang amuy baby ka. sa penshoppe yun e.

w: smells like baby. amuy baby ka jan.

me: hahaha

w: uu gusto ko rin yun. pati yung kiwi something ba yun ng bench. or penshoppe?

b: may gusto din ako sa penshoppe dati. (may dinescribe na parang sa bench na cologne)

w/me: baka sa bench yan? anu ba yan.

me: or baka sa benchshoppe?

(not verbatim but something to that effect. we were trying our best to say something.)

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toxic disco boy said...

nililigo ko dati yung kiwi scent. hahaha.