Monday, October 26, 2009


I discovered this online boutique while looking for online shop pegs for a future project. Frances May caught my attention because the website looks clean and polished while maintaining a personal approach. I won't say much about this future project. hahaha. I just wish it would materialize next year. That navajo print skirt is to die for. How I wish I'd find something like that soon. I've been in search for character prints for sooo long now, that's why that short, print dress is also on my wish list. The white dress? Well, I just like that it's frilly, short, and a bit slouchy (bust wise) !


toxic disco boy said...

future project? u opening a store? haha

joy said...

kanus a pa kaha ta mkasul ob ani oy??braless xa in fairness ha..ingon cla aking dapat daw we should appear bustless to look supermodelish..oh dba??winner kaau ta ani..pero midaku na gamay imo..hahah