Monday, September 21, 2009


I'm experiencing one of those days (actually weeks) when you just don't feel like writing. I am still inspired by the gazillion of pretty things I see online, but I find it hard to create words that could perfectly describe my thoughts and feelings as of late. Sometimes I give up and just tell myself it will all come due time. When you feel like blogging again, you'll just blog again like nothing happened.

Last night, I was on the verge of my seat watching Project Runway Australia's finale. I recently discovered perfect high quality downloads via bitlord and I'm addicted to HQ videos now especially my weekly dose of PRs. As I finished all my weekend chores at around 9pm, I was contentedly sitting in front of my computer, sipping coffee, and smelling the freshness of my new sheets. It was a more than perfect atmosphere for a quiet Sunday evening.

As the final runways came down, I was shaking. Is that normal? I was shaking because I was in awe. As I think of it now, it was probably the result of good editing. The Australian version of PR captures the hopefuls' passion in their fashion. I know it sounds icky but that's exactly how I felt. Reality TV shows are prone to produce forgettable characters after everything's been said and done. However, Australia seems to make sure their Top Model and Project Runway franchises are of high quality, surpassing its US (original) counterparts (if I say so myself). To be honest, I'm just bored with PR US' Season 6.

Okay, let me go back to the shaking part. I'm downplaying my description here. The three finalists: Anthony Capone, William Lazootin, and Lauren Vieyra have showcased extremely well-designed collections. There was such drama and vibrancy through each of their collections, it was hard not to cry and clap (all alone in my apartment with no one watching but me). I just love the black, the colors, the textures, the layers, the amazing amazing accessories, and the overflowing passion. The last time I remember falling in love with PR finale collections was during Christian Siriano's and Bidell's finale collections.

I actually liked the fabulous layers of Anthony's male models. They looked delicious.
Anthony Capon, who reminds me a lot of Christian Siriano's aura and talent, won with his "black roses" inspired collection. At first, I had mixed feelings about the choice of black. I love black, but I, too, am a bit done with it. However, Anthony's collection turned out to not just be all about black. He was drama and theatrics personified. For me, there are two kinds of designers: one who makes wearable, beautiful clothes , and one who is a visionary. Visionaries are what makes this industry continuously inspired and raving with art and passion, while designers who make pretty and wearable clothes remind us why we love to dress up and just be fabulous. Anthony aspires to be one of those visionaries. Although I must say his collection was already reminiscent of Galliano, Wang, and McQueen's; you can still see Anthony's signature written all over his clothes. What is this signature? He loves whimsical accessories like gigantic roses, gardener's shears, and structured braids and ropes. It's all about the drama and the flare. I particularly loved his last words upon winning the competition. He said that people should start dressing fearlessly in their own ways. By that he means that we should just have fun with fashion and not take it too seriously.

i'm in love with this stunning red and pink ensemble from William's collection
William Lazootin is my favorite. William's collection was a huge contrast to Anthony's black. His was full of vibrant colors and stunning fabrication. It was quite a feast to the senses. I liked it a bit more than Anthony's because the I feel that embracing color is more risky than the black. William's choice of color in bright reds, mustards, pinks, and some exquisite prints was inspired by his travel to South America. It was an optimistic array of clothing. And did I mention his accessories? Swoooooooonnnnn. The accessories were to die for. Layers and layers of chunky, glittering, and bejewelled necklaces along with those black chord-like scarves perfectly complemented the pop of colors on the runway. Construction wise, they were all superb.
Lauren, on the other hand, really looked feminine and edgy. When her clothes came down the runway, I kept saying the word "beautiful", one after another. But then it was obvious that Lauren's was the weaker collection the clothes became too much "alike" in concept --soft and structured-- it became a bit monotonous. I would say hers was a really good collection too, it just so happened that Anthony and William's were better. Nevertheless I'll wear her clothes in a heartbeat.

I'm looking forward to all these three designers making a name for themselves. Obviously, I am a very big fan.


toxic disco boy said...

wow. looks amazing. pr pinas pinapanood ko. hahaha

joy said... phils taraw gurl..

Aika said...

aw nagtan aw pud kog PR Phil kaso maot jud ang copy online. so mejo effort sa mata.