Monday, December 7, 2009


hello blog! long time no blog!

The December wind is here again. Belated happy birthday prince. Yesterday, we went out and watched A Christmas Carol. We found it just okay. Is that a good thing? That's not good. Technically, it was screaming "beautiful" to my senses. Unfortunately, I was sleepy half way through. Probably because of the donuts. But then we also had coffee. It's weird having coffee while watching a movie.

On another note, I'm the sweetest girlfriend. We've been together for three years now and I haven't given him a gift. Save for the time I gave him cash (yes, cash?!) so that he could buy this old school gaming console. Ninang much? I'm too sweet right? I feel filthy each and everytime. But I can't elaborate on that right now.

It's been more than a week of adjustment at work. I was recently assigned to the night shift, which became my biggest source of stress for the past week. This is the fruit of my labor. To put it simply, when you give your best shot (in my company at least) at work, you'll end up working in the night shift. Isn't that the sweetest thing too? To top it off, I was figuratively alone in this endeavor. My buddies were still dayshifters. I was alone. It was like the first day of work all over again. Much worse, first day in school in a foreign country. I was six all over again.

After a week filled with unbelievable perseverance, I'm still trudging this unfavorable turn of events. I have a whole lot of "me-time" these days. Not that I have me-time because of my own choice but me-time because I don't have company during my wake time.

I'm not sure what the future holds for me. Right now, I just want to be. Panic Room and crabs, here we come.


joy said...

amishu gurl!todo bonding jd ta!at last naa ka new so happy sa imong level up pd na career!bugnaw na ang beer ngari gurl!ahehe

Vanessa said...

More, more lang ako sa pagpopost. Despearada mode? hahahah.